Mombasa Escorts Brings Fun In The Sun.

Mombasa Escorts Brings Fun In The Sun.

Dear Everyone

I have to share with you the most amazing weekend of my life with you. Recently I headed down to the Kenyan Coast and had an incredible time in the sun with two hot Mombasa Coast Escorts.

It was Indy and several of us were heading down for a weekend of drinking and partying. Mombasa Coast really knows how to put on a party and the Mombasa Coast Escorts know how to take it to a whole other level.

We had booked two Mombasa Coast Escorts to spend the four days with us and were looking forward to a boys’ weekend away without the wives. To cut a long story short we were just about to leave when the wives had a change of heart and wanted to come too.

Well we thought that was it. We tried to argue with the wives but we didn’t want to let on that we had booked two Mombasa Coast Escorts and the wives had no idea why they couldn’t come. In the end we agreed and though we would have to cancel the Escort. But on the drive down the girls found out and we decided to go ahead with the plans and keep the Escort, after all it could be fun right.

Well we arrived and the Mombasa Coast Escorts rocked up shortly after. Man the Escorts know how to party! It was only a matter of minutes before the alcohol was flowing and the music pumping as the Escort shed their clothes and started parading around the room.

What we didn’t expect is how much the wives would get into it. With the help of Suzie one of the most boisterous Escort the wives were shedding their clothes too.

Within what was only two hours all the females were naked and happily standing at the balcony. Wives and Escorts. From there things got even wilder as the games got more and more intimate.

All I am going to say is if you really want a weekend to remember, book yourself a Mombasa Cost Escort. But if you want a weekend to blow your mind book yourself several Mombasa Coast Escorts