Mombasa  Escort Agencies And Mombasa  Escorts What's The Difference?

Mombasa Escort Agencies And Mombasa Escorts What’s The Difference?

I hear the question all the time. What is the difference between independent Mombasa Escorts and Mombasa Escort Agencies girls.

Having been working in this industry for a period of time and being really familiar with both Mombasa Escorts and Mombasa Escort Agencies girls I believe I am in a position to pass a definitive answer on the question.

The major difference stems from the approach to the task of being an Escort, and not the actual task or service offered by the Escort. Whether you are an Escort from an Agency or an Independent Mombasa Escort you are still going to be offered sex.

However Mombasa Escort Agencies and all Agencies have a certain number of clients they expect each girl to service on a night. After all it takes a certain amount of money to run a Brothel and they need to make sure that their costs are covered and they turn a profit.

This leads the girls who work at Escort Agencies to be more clinical in their approach. For them it is a business transaction and you are just a number. They do try and make you feel relaxed however there is a time restriction and they have a habit of faking it to make sure they can get you out of there faster.

Independent Mombasa Escorts are completely different. They realise that you are the most important part of any transaction. They realise that if you are happy then you will return time and time again, and each of them would rather have a number of clients they see several times than having to deal with constantly attracting new clients.

Independent Mombasa Escorts are really open to trying anything, and everything to ensure that you fulfil your fantasy. They give off the impression that they enjoy sex more than you do.

So take my advice. Contact Independent Mombasa Escorts directly through our contact page and forget about Mombasa Escort Agencies.